Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Let Your Light Shine

I decided to post one of my quotes I wrote earlier in 2008: “Darkness mutes the world; colors dull and edges soften, blending until reaching perfect visual confusion.” Why? One of my close friends* recently wrote that in 2010 she will be “shining my light as bright as I can regardless of others.” Both quotes seemed to go hand in hand. In order to prevent perfect visual confusion, better known as blindness, your eyes need to have access to light. We all know that while standing in a dark room that is familiar in the daytime, the eyes lack information thus creating confusion and disorientation. Depth perception and sense of direction disappear.

Metaphorically speaking, negativity, procrastination, hopelessness, and anything else that keeps you from moving forward are like darkness. They muddy goals and blur dreams. What you could once see clearly and knew as your truth (what you were put on this earth to do) blends with the mundane and can easily suck you into mediocrity. Your drive and passion weaken and all but vanish as a result.

In this new year, let your light shine as bright as you can regardless of those around you. Illuminate the path toward your dreams and stay away from detours. Stay focused and don’t let your light grow dim or go out. And by all means cast your light on those who are blindly searching for the match in the darkness.

May 2010 be the year of clarity, direction, and a passion to take hold of what is yours.

* Thanks Michelle!

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  1. I am speaking it! Lol. I desire as you do. To have a year full of clarifying visions and strength to overcome all adversity. What a way to ring in the new year!