Monday, April 28, 2014

In Response to the Recent Shooting of my 10-year old Cousin and Murder of his Father

To love your neighbor as yourself is a concept we can no longer ignore; it must become a way of life. It is just not some quote out the Bible. We've all seen and heard all the senseless crimes in KC and across the nation. If we all came together in love, not hate...reached out to those who have no sound guidance or moral standards...became the village that this city needs so many of those that are no longer here with us would be breathing, laughing, and talking to us right now. It brings to mind an excerpt from my book, "Change the World One Neighbor at a Time":

"Do not leave anyone the same way you found them. Where there is negativity, leave them with a word of encouragement. Where there is chaos, offer them a prayer for peace and direction. Watch your own thoughts and speech. If we protect, lead, guide, and discipline ourselves, what we share and demonstrate to others should reflect the love we have for ourselves and be transferred to them.

What if you smiled at and engaged in conversation the young man whose pants are sagging who is always hanging around the neighborhood or that young girl that is always surrounded by young men? Show them some of that loving-kindness that God bestows upon you every day. Show them that someone cares about them as a person, that they are worth the time, that they are worthy of a smile and soft speech as opposed to the neglect and harsh tones they may receive at home. Let’s not leave them in the road “half dead” for others to step over, dismiss and misuse. I know you’ve seen those horror movies when people have been wrongly abused and killed. They come back either as a zombie or serial killer and pay back those responsible and those that did nothing to help them.

Those that work with at-risk youth will tell you it is not protection that makes these young men and women join gangs, but love. They are seeking a place where are loved and accepted. It goes beyond having a family. As many can attest, sometimes our own families do not resemble the loving families seen on television during the era of “Leave It to Beaver” and “The Cosby Show.”

Let’s nurse those that are “half dead” back to health so that they won’t have the bitter taste and craving to take the life of another, commit petty crimes, or harm themselves." -- Tyson Taylor

We can become a village again, but no one person can stand alone. It must be a collective effort, one that is more action than the numerous community round table meetings that change NOTHING in this city or anywhere else. We can talk all we want, but until we add legs and a heartbeat, there can be no movement.

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  1. This is true. True change happens only after movement. We have to act. Great message! I'm getting back to blogging. Thanks for the inspiration :)